How much?


Spirulina is a food, so there is no precise dosage. The recommended intake is one teaspoon per day (3-5 grams). The amount can be doubled according to how you feel and your needs, especially for sportsmen and women or vegetarians. It is preferably taken in the morning at breakfast or before exercise for rapid energy intake.The cures are to be adapted according to how you feel and your energy needs. Spirulina can be consumed all year round, or you can take a cure every two months or from time to time before the winter season or during a competition.

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Ideas for consuming spirulina


Spirulina flakes can be used sprinkled on your dishes, mixed with a liquid (water, milk, fruit juice) or a yoghurt, bircher museli. Surprise yourself with its unique taste.

With fruit juice
Pour your spirulina into your juice or swallow the spirulina flakes (like a tablet) with your fruit juice.

In a smoothie
Pour your flakes directly into a blender with fruit or blend the spirulina first to obtain a powder to add to the smoothie. You can also soak the spirulina in water and then add it to your juice.

With a salad
Sprinkle the spirulina over a salad

With a yoghurt
Mix your spirulina flakes with yoghurt (it turns green). You can then add your choice of fruit, cereals, chocolate shavings, nuts for a very tasty breakfast.

On a slice of bread
Whether on sweet or savoury preparations, add your flakes of spirulina to your toast.


Why Spiruline-Valais ?




I want to stay healthy


– Contributes to a balanced diet
– Maintains the acid-base balance
– Stimulates the organism and the immune system
– Has anti-viral properties
– Fights free radicals
– Prevents cardiovascular disease

I’m getting tired


– Provides highly assimilable iron (associated with vitamin C)
– Gives me back my energy
– Helps my organism to defend itself
– Compensates for menstrual iron loss in women

I’m ageing


– Preserves the skin and mucous membranes
– Helps maintain normal bone structure

I’m a student


– Stimulates intellectual functions
– Helps you to cope with stress and fatigue

I do sport


– Provides complete proteins
– Brings energy to the metabolism
– Fights muscular fatigue
– Ensures better recovery
– Carries oxygen through the body

I’m a vegetarian or vegan


– Helps avoid deficiencies
– Provides you with quality proteins and other nutrients.


– I have hemochromatosis
– I have renal dysfunction
– I have thrombosis
– I take anticoagulants
– I am doing cancer treatment


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