Massage oil

CHF 89.00

Our regenerating, nourishing oil provides a sensation of softness, without greasiness. It fuses with the skin, leaving it supple and comfortable. Essential fatty acids protect the epidermis. Spirulina and its anti-oxidant effects slow down the effects of skin aging.

Skin type: All skin types
Needs: Suppleness, protection, anti-aging
Key ingredients: Spirulina macerate, sunflower oil
Texture: Non-greasy oil
How to use: Pour a small amount of massage oil and warm it in the palm of your hands. Massage using smooth, even circular movements, with varying degrees of intensity depending on the area of the body.
Ingredients: Sunflower oil • Spirulina macerate • Vitamin E
Size: 90ml

Plein’R sàrl – Robin Dorsaz
Rue des Marais-Neufs 31
1907 Saxon