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The spirulina-based cosmetics range

Discover a blend of high-quality artisan spirulina, natural Alpine water and unique know-how for a general feeling of well-being for your body and skin.

Spirulin’Alp swiss cosmétics the best ally for your beauty!

This micro-algae will leave your skin supple, nourished and protected. It is naturally rich in proteins and provitamin A, essential for restructuring the epidermis. This precious algae also delivers on its anti-aging promise, thanks to its high antioxidant content.

spirulina cosmetics

Spirulina mask

CHF 91.00

Spirulina scrub

CHF 82.00

Massage oil

CHF 89.00

Spirulina soap – Face and body

CHF 18.00

Small beauty pack

CHF 149.00

Wellness Pack

CHF 238.00

Lip Balm with Spirulina

CHF 19.50

Face cream with spirulina

CHF 95.00

Solid Shampoo with Spirulina

CHF 20.50


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